Industrial plates in small batches

We process plates up to a size of 400x600mm with our CNC engraving machines, allowing us to offer you a wide range of materials that offer permanent durability in the industrial and food sectors. We mark surfaces up to 860x610mm with our laser engraving machines, which in turn leads to an extended choice of colours and layouts. Chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance of the plates guarantee a long service life - especially in the industrial sector. Depending on your requirements, your plates can be produced using CNC engraving machines, CO2 laser systems, digital anodising or UV direct printing. You can rely on our experience and if you wish, we will create an individual layout according to any necessary company or Din specifications.


Benefits of our products:

  • scratch-resistant and permanent resistance
  • professional and high quality
  • weather and solvent resistant
  • multicolour material / labelling
  • special bespoke shapes
  • extensive material range

We offer the perfect plate material in our range for every industrial plate

Signs made out of aluminium are inexpensive and have a low weight, making them ideal for engraving and printing technology. Through anodizing, the surface of the material is coloured and slightly hardened.

Aluminium is used where a durable signage is desired. The dark shades are suitable for laser marking and do not need to be designed in colour. The description ‘natural’ means uncoloured anodized.

Different aluminum bases, smooth, anodised or one of our 29 brilliant anodized colors

6 basic colors, 23 special colors and mixed colors according to RAL & Pantone.
(Our supplier has the largest assortment of anodizing inks worldwide)

Plaintexts, data matrix codes and logos are often used in the inscription of plastics. A short setup time provides flexibility and is advantageous for smaller quantities.
We use high-quality two-layer acrylic material with a thin cover layer.

  • short engraving depth/ milling depth necessary
  • specifically for laser processing
  • on CNC machines properly processed
  • many surface colours
  • additional colours for outdoor use

Our signs made out of solid brass MS 58 are well suited for machining and die-cutting. It can be soft soldered. We supply the brass without coating. Therefore the signs should not be exposed directly to the weather. The surface is protected by a protective film.

Maintenance-Tips: Brush up the surface with a soft cloth and polish regularly. Move the cloth only in one direction. Do not perform any circular movements and do not use abrasive cleaners. Clean satin panels only in grinding direction.

Stainless steel engravings comply with the highest expectations. Laser engraving ensures professional and up to date designs and quality. Due to the black anodized engraving, stainless steel fulfils indoor and outdoor purposes in the long run.

  • Thickness: 1 -4 mm
  • Resistant to many chemicals, acids, alkalis, moisture and UV
  • Temperature resistant up to 1.000 °C
  • The engraving is black on the bare/polished stainless steel



Laser Engraving

Using a CO² Laser light beams create inscriptions on various materials. This is only possible as a anthracite colour on stainless steel and silver aluminium. Using this laser on other materials the colour below the lop layer becomes visible. For example on anodized aluminium-red the inscription becomes silver. The laser engraving is an extremely material gentle processing option.


In principle every material can be processed when engraving. This would be stainless steel, aluminium, brass, acrylic glass and laminated plastic. The engraving is then covered with colour. If the colours have been removed with solvent, the label is still clearly visible. Especially in small numbers or labels with texts changing the engraving should be a favoured method.

Digital Printing Methode

The digital printing method proved the possibility to produce even the smallest quantity within a short time. Transfer the data to be printed using our inquiry form so your request can be printed at short notice. After only a few days you will be able to hold the finished product in your own two hands. Through the digital printing method, it is even possible to produce individual items at low prices. Note, however, that the digital printing can easily vary in quality and is not as durable as alternative printing methods.

Digital Anodic Printing

Using the digital anodic printing on aluminium we can produce multi-coloured, photorealistic asset tags or advertisement signs. The anodic printing is a method of surface treatment of aluminium. Aluminium plates are printed with an open-pored protective layer made through anodic oxidation. Afterwards it is compressed in an hot water bath with a temperature of more than 97°C. The temperature of the so called sealing tank is responsible for the increase in volume of the printed materials and causes the closure of the pores in the oxide layer. The enclosed colours are resistent to chemical, mechanical and thermical exposure due to the sealing in the hot water bath. Even graffiti can be removed with the right cleaning agents without damaging the printing.