Individual plates and inscriptions

We manufacture professional company signs or advertising signs, identification boards for outdoor and indoor use or banners individually based on your specifications.

Company signs / advertising signs

Seeing and being seen is more important nowadays than ever. With a company sign on the façade or at the entrance of your company, you are taking the first step in this direction.

However, company signs can be more than just a hint that the company exists. They can be signposts to offices and departments or provide information on opening hours, prices etc.

We produce these signs in nearly every size using CNC engraving technology (400x600mm), laser (860x610mm), anodising vacuum (300x500mm) or foil (1000x2000mm).

Banner & Foiling

Using our cutting plotter we can produce foil fonts for small and large format signs. A wide film gap, which covers almost every conceivable field of application, is at our disposal. Examples would be retro-reflective foils, foils for gluing on vehicles, etc. Furthermore, it is possible for us to produce films with individually designed layouts using the digital printing process. Special laminates are used for UV protection.

Composite materials, plastics, tarpaulins and metals are available as basic materials. We can print banners for your advertising in a digital printing process at a reasonable price.

Our bespoke signs or inscriptions offer excellent identification in the industrial sector.

For a lasting impression, we can produce engraved, milled, lasered or printed lettering of the highest quality with the highest precision for you. We print, engrave and mark various materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, plastics, acrylic, rubber, glass, stone or wood.

Schilder & Beschriftung


Laser engraving

With our modern machines, we are at the cutting edge of laser engraving technology. With our modern machines, we are at the cutting edge of laser engraving technology. Using our laser workstation, markings and deep engravings are possible on various materials such as hardened and high-alloy steel, copper, brass, wood, plastic, Plexiglas, acrylic glass and ceramics.

More about laser engraving in our site about machining processes

CNC engraving

With our modern CNC engraving machines we can meet almost every customer request exactly and in a short time. The dimensions of the CNC markings can be determined individually and an extraordinary 3D effect can be achieved using different depths. We can also process large surfaces for you in an extremely filigree manner. We engrave for you on steel, aluminium, brass, acrylic glass and layered plastics individually and with precision. Engraving of round shapes (e.g. signing rings) is also possible


Marking by foil printing
or foil plotting

 We can offer you the printing and cutting of conventional, self-adhesive or even adhesive foil in best quality. In foil printing, the colour pigments combine with the surface of the foil. Subsequently, a transparent UV-protective laminate is applied, in a glossy, matt or high-gloss finish as desired. This protects the lettering from scratches. This makes foil printing a durable and resistant process. Foil printed panels with UV-protective laminate last up to seven years outdoors.

Direct printing

In contrast to conventional inkjet printing, direct printing does not dry the ink in the ambient air, but is cured with ultraviolet light directly after application onto the surface of the substrate. This gives the print a slightly satin effect. The UV curing increases the strength of the print and provides slight protection against yellowing. The outdoor durability is two to three years based on today's standard. For this reason, this cost-effective lettering is particularly suitable for indoor use as well as for short- and medium-term outdoor use. We print on PVC rigid and free-foam sheets, aluminium composite sheets (e.g. Dibond), hollow chamber sheets, PETG, wood, metal, cardboard as well as acrylic and Plexiglas, mirrors and simple glass.