Laser and CNC engravings as contract manufacturing

We produce individual engravings and inscriptions from small batches up to several 1,000 pieces based on your specifications.

Our processing with laser and CNC machines offers excellent quality and speed for markings in the industrial sector.

We are contract manufacturers for a wide range of sectors in the manufacturing and food industries, for automotive suppliers and government institutions that demand durable, detailed and high-quality products. We are thus a professional partner for laser marking and CNC marking in small batches up to several thousand products, whether in metal, plastic or other materials.

Laser engraving

With our laser technology you receive engraving in the best possible quality and an exact finish even at hard-to-reach places for the most diverse materials, such as steel, glass, copper, brass, wood, plastic and ceramics

CNC engraving

For small quantities or inscriptions with changing texts as well as for large areas, we offer engraving with the latest CNC technology, which we implement individually and with precision

Hand engraving

Very artistic and high quality hand engravings. The quality of this engraving is individual and unique.

Diamond engraving

Interesting optical and tactile effects can be achieved with the possibilities of diamond engraving.

Foil inscription

Our foil inscriptions are extremely high-quality, weatherproof and UV-resistant and guarantee you long durability, especially for outdoor use.

Direct printing

With direct printing we can print almost any material for you cost-effectively and with high quality based on your wishes.

we offer laser engraving as job order production

With laser engraving or laser marking, the surface is removed with the aid of an intensive laser. This laser beam is cold and invisible at the beginning and only generates heat when it comes into contact with the surface of the material, which changes the surface. Laser engraving is also referred to as contactless processing. Depending on the material and the customer's specifications, we can change the laser beam properties such as frequency, speed, intensity, pulse duration and focus, thus enabling a new dimension in the marking and engraving area.

With our modern machines we are at the cutting edge of engraving technology. Using our laser systems, markings and deep engravings are possible on various materials such as hardened and high-alloy steel, copper, brass, wood, plastic, Plexiglas, acrylic glass and ceramics.

State-of-the-art laser technology enables us to mark your articles cost-effectively.

It does not matter whether we process products made of wood, plastic or metal (also with different galvanic surfaces) with the laser. In detail, these are materials such as hardened or high-alloy steel, copper, brass, wood, plastic, Plexiglas, acrylic glass and or ceramics.

Even cylindrical components up to 150mm diameter can be marked on the surface.

Rings can (conditionally) also be lasered inside.

For processing as contract manufacturing, our range of services is possible from small batches up to several 1,000 pieces.

By the way, for the delivery of the parts by pallet, a suitable stacker is available for loading and unloading.

CNC engraving

Do you want a deeper engraving on the components you manufacture? No problem.
With our CNC engraving and milling machines, engraving is possible on almost any surface.

The technology of CNC engraving is based on modern, highly complex processes. Our CNC-controlled machines work on a ribbed casting bed, which enables us to guarantee outstanding accuracy. The engraving itself is done by milling cutters with different sharpened angles or ground radii. The V-shape produces finer structures than the milling heads used, for example, for plate blanks.

With our modern CNC engraving machines we can meet almost every customer request exactly and in a short time. The width of the engraving can be determined individually and an extraordinary 3D effect can be achieved through different depths. We can also process large surfaces for you in an extremely filigree manner. We engrave for you on steel, aluminium, brass, acrylic glass and layered plastics individually and with precision. Engraving of round shapes (e.g. signing rings) is also possible.

Heat treatment

We carry out the heat treatment of the stamps we produce in our own small hardening shop. Different hardening processes are used.

A calibrated hardness tester (HRC) is available for checking purposes.


Processing of blanks

In our tool shop we manufacture the blanks of our embossing dies ourselves. Milling, turning, drilling and flat grinding are part of our standard processing.

For more complex components, we have very reliable and quality-conscious partners working with us.

Further processes for marking and labelling

Hand engraving

In this form of engraving, the material is worked into by hand with a hand engraver's graver and a surface structure is created by what is removed and stands out against the background. With our many years of experience and craftsmanship, we guarantee you high quality in the final product. Before you decide on manual engraving, we will be happy to advise you whether your desired motif can be produced in this form.

Diamond engraving

Using a special engraving diamond, the motif is permanently inserted into the surface of your engraving item during diamond engraving. The control is carried out by a computer-monitored precision CNC machine in several steps. Using different engraving techniques (hatching), interesting effects (light refraction etc.) can be obtained. With the engraving depth and light refraction, the motif stands out from the surface optically and perceptibly.